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Inspecta website - Intellectual property rights

Inspecta holds intellectual property rights to and sole ownership of all pictures and videos presented on the Inspecta website. Any copying or distribution of said materials without prior permission is strictly prohibited. To acquire permission(s) to copy or distribute text, picture or video material, please contact Inspecta's communications department.

The use of cookies on the Inspecta website

The Inspecta website uses cookies. Cookies are small files which are saved on your computer during browsing, assuming their installation has not been prevented. Cookies help us identify you whenever you re-visit our site and enable us to provide you and other visitors with the best possible visitor experience. When cookies are enabled, your personal settings are saved in our database. This ensures that you do not need to reset them again when navigating within our site or returning to it. In addition, all actual information you submit is saved, so you do not need to retype it. We conduct analysis of the overall ways our users use our website to implement improvements on it and to enhance your browsing experience. Our cookies can, for example, help you find the information you need faster than would otherwise be possible. Cookies also help us evaluate and measure the overall effectiveness of our online marketing efforts.

What cookies do we use?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a monitoring tool, which we use to gather data on how users navigate on our website. This monitoring helps us improve the functioning of our site and ensures that any necessary data is found as fast as possible. Google Analytics records, for example, the length of time you spend on the site and identifies the website from which you have arrived and the specific links or pages you have clicked or visited. Google Analytics does not identify your name or address, nor does it enable us to identify persons visiting our site.

Google Analytics uses the following cookies:

_utma _utmb _utmc _utmx


The Inspecta website uses JavaScript technology. This technology is primarily used to enhance the appearance of the website. The website is able to recognize whether your browser has JavaSript enabled and uses cookies to confirm the use of JavaScript.

The following cookies are used: Has_js

Email marketing

The Inspecta website uses cookies to register, measure and develop email marketing efforts. If you receive marketing emails from Inspecta, cookies enable us to identify you when you visit and re-visit our site. This also ensures that you do not need to re-enter form data you have already provided earlier. Our email marketing cookies help us identify you if you have replied to one of our marketing emails. These cookies enable us to identify the content that most interests you on our site, so similarly to other cookies, they play an important part in enhancing the customer experience we provide.

How to disable cookies

We hope that you will enable cookies when visiting our website. If, however, you do not wish to enable cookies, you can disable them from your browser settings. When cookies are disabled, parts of this website (and various other websites) may not be accessible or presented in its intended form. This may have a negative impact on your user experience.

You can disable cookies from your browser's Settings or Preferences menu. For more detailed instructions, please refer to your browser's Help section.

Google Analytics cookies can be disabled by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. This add-on will prevent websites from sending details concerning your website visits to the Google Analytics program.

Additional information on cookies

Instructions concerning the use of cookies on websites can be found on the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority website at: https://www.viestintavirasto.fi/kyberturvallisuus/palveluidenturvallinenkaytto/evasteet.html.

Processing of personal data obtained from websites

(Description of the Personal Data File, 22/3/2017. See Personal Data Act (523/1999), Section 10)

How does Inspecta collect customer information on its website?

  •     The feedback/complaint/appeal against inspection decision form
  •     Order forms for training services and products
  •     The job application form
  •     The newsletter subscription form
  •     The customer magazine subscription form
  •     The staff feedback form

Controller of the data file

Inspecta Oy, Sörnäistenkatu 2, FI-00380 Helsinki, tel. (0)10 521 600

Contact person in matters relating to the data file

Communications and Marketing Manager Tuomas Suominen, tel. (0)10 521 600 (switchboard)

Name of the data file

Personal information collected from the website

What methods of data collection are used, for what purpose is the data collected and where is the collected data stored?

The data collected from the website is transferred to Inspecta's databases. Personal data file descriptions for each of these databases have been provided separately. The data systems in question are:

How is the data collected?

Where is the data stored?

The feedback/complaint/appeal against inspection decision/Product order The Inspecta customer service ticket system. Product orders are stored in the Inspecta customer data file.
Orders for training services and products The Inspecta training system, the Inspecta customer data file
Job applications The Inspecta HR system
The newsletter subscription form    The Inspecta email marketing data file
The customer magazine subscription form   Inspecta communications staff emails
The staff feedback form   Emails to/from Inspecta staff responsible for quality control and development

The descriptions of these data files are available for viewing from the above mentioned contact person.

What is the purpose of the data file?

  • The primary purpose of the personal data obtained from the website is to facilitate the processing of customer communications and orders.
  • Specific customer data is only used for marketing purposes if the subject of said data has provided a separate marketing permission. 

What other parties have access to the data?

Only companies owned by Inspecta and Inspecta's parent company are granted access to the data.

Principles of data file protection?

The personal data is stored in systems administered by its controller. These systems are kept at the company's own access-controlled premises which are locked at all times.

Access to the customer data file is only granted to such individuals employed by the controller and other specified persons that use the customer data in their work tasks. All such individuals are provided personal user identifiers and passwords. The data is technically protected using a firewall.

Verification rights, implementation of verifications and right to prohibit use

All persons who have provided their personal data to Inspecta have the right to verify all such data stored in Inspecta's data file. A written request to verify personal data must be submitted to Inspecta's customer services. Replies to such requests will be provided promptly, usually within two weeks from the date on which the request has been received.

All persons whose data have been entered into the data file have the right to prohibit the use of their personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, remote sales or other similar purposes and for opinion polling or market research purposes. All such persons also have the right to request the rectification of all erroneous data and may do so by contacting the person responsible for the data file or by specifying all erroneous details to the controller's customer services staff.